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Edwin Abl
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Hello, I'm Edwin!
My specialty? Scale-up stage advisory that delivers increased sales pipeline. I’m an experienced SaaS revenue operator and ex-CMO with proven go-to-market strategy and playbooks for scale to $50M+.
I Do Three Things
Retained Advisory
Advisor to VC's / CEO's focused on building a B2B marketing & GTM machine (£2M ARR+)
Mentoring and Coaching
1:1 Mentor and Coach to aspiring and successful leaders in start-ups and scale-ups
Due Diligence
Marketing and Sales assessment for fast-growth Investor backed B2B SaaS (£2M ARR+)

Hi, I'm Edwin!
Access consulting on best practice and systemised processes to deliver $100M+ pipeline for B2B organisations. I'm an executive, revenue leader and marketer. I've run marketing in start-up, scale-up and enterprise environments.

I have a passion for how to scale and structure go-to-market at SaaS companies to achieve hyper-growth with a unique customer centric approach. I’m passionate about working with CEO’s to design, architect and build out world class marketing, sales and customer success organisations. I want to share with you the successful GTM secrets that have fueled hyper-growth.
This is My Story
When I was 21 years old
...started working in recruitment on a cold desk with ZERO customers, processes, tools or strategy — just a phone. Became a top 10 sales rep out of 300+ consultants
Cold selling was incredibly hard
...my goal was to look how to create sales opportunities through warm selling — with a focus on email outreach and simple clever strategies. Discovered a clever way of not “cold calling” all day. Over-achieved sales targets. Promoted 4 times and led a team. Helped U.S. software vendors expand into Europe.
Wanted to transform an industry
...and decided to start my own Salesforce and NetSuite consulting business thinking it would be easy to build something and sell for lots of money.
Hit an obstacle
...didn't quite reach my goal, selling and building a small business was an incredible slog, without the right strategy for consistent growth. Disheartened as where to go next.
Had a rethink, started a hiring platform and first SaaS product
...called TalentFeed that helped curate Salesforce developers into an invite-only community, made it work but failed to raise funds despite being profitable.
It failed to make a HUGE impact
...something didn't quite click, realised it was important to refocus and learn from the past, my goal was to guide, coach, mentor, and help/ learn from start-up CEO's.
Went back to scratch and spent 3 years learning from others...
...all about systems, processes, challenges, sales outreach, a new sales fads etc etc... in addition, studied and tested all sorts of personal development hacks, tactics and guru blueprints...
Started the marketing and growth teams at Appirio in Europe (acquired by Wipro in 2016)
...grew pipeline to $133M from $30K. Built and grew a team of revenue driven marketers. Part of the EMEA leadership team that helped grow the region. Appirio was one of the largest services acquisitions and exited for $550M.
First CMO / CRO gig, built both sales & marketing functions at Hive Learning, SaaS Edtech
... joined a Venture Builder firm called Blenheim Chalcot to provide B2B Marketing and GTM expertise to the portfolio of ventures. Held an operational role as Chief Marketing / Sales Officer to drive growth from £3M ARR upwards.
Built B2B SaaS Marketing function from scratch at Modulr
Hired team, built processes, systems, playbooks and marketing strategy. Modulr was the second fastest growing tech company in the UK in 2020, according to Dun&Bradstreet. Announced yesterday in Dun & Bradstreet's Accelerate50, Modulr achieved the second highest 3 year CAGR, with 430.39%, from 50 tech companies.
Strategic advisor and coach to high growth B2B SaaS organisations
Helping companies and people scale, and get to the next level. Global remit with customers in the Europe, USA and APAC. My vision to help aspiring leaders in SaaS get to the next level through coaching and teaching what I have learnt.
What is the Core Challenge for Growth?
63% of sales, CEO's / Founders say that building pipeline opportunities is painful. This is made 10x worse through poor sales and marketing alignment — it's the reason more than 90% of scaling startups fail.
Credentials and Expertise
Over 15 years+ of operating experience in the trenches
Inside Sales Effectiveness
Demand Generation
Strategic validation you are "doing the right thing"
MarTech strategy and execution
Sales & Marketing alignment
Go-to-market process design and execution
Playbook development, Due Diligence
Organisation models re; Squad/ Tribe models
Hired and led groups across sales and marketing
Outbound marketing
Global operating experience across multiple industries
I've Built Pipeline From Scratch to $100m+
I've helped grow a pipeline from $30k to $133m in 4 years, and I can help share that knowledge, experience and advice with you. My core skill is getting marketing and sales teams to execute on go to market strategies effectively.
Who Can I Help?
VC's / Investors
Get an Initial Due Diligence Diagnostic
My specific expertise is building a marketing / sales strategy for scaling demand generation. I'll provide valuable ideas around process, strategy and tactics — with a fresh perspective.
Mid-Market / Enterprise
Over 100 employees
Transforming approach to growth
Need to break down existing silos
Free Assessment
Scaling Startup — Series A / B+
Between 20-100 employees
Validated of GTM strategy
Scaling growth efforts
Free Assessment
A portfolio of recommendations from clients, peers, CEO’s, VC’s; people coached, mentored and managed.
Latané Conant (CMO at 6Sense)
“Edwin worked at Appirio for 4+ years and was critical to building Appirio’s European business from the ground up. Edwin drove results and built an incredible team. He hired amazing talent and groomed them to be their best. He had a positive impact on our business, careers, and lives. Ultimately this is the mark of great leadership.

Edwin is a constant student...from some new piece of technology he wanted us to pilot to self-help programs he was pushing us to try, he was always working on himself and raising the bar for all of us.”
James Bagan (Operating Partner Frog Capital and Chairman)
“I have had the pleasure of watching Ed work over the last 2 years in his role as CMO at Modulr. Ed arrived in the business just after we'd invested and his impact was immediate, attempting to effect some control and direction over a critical function.

Ed is one of the new breed of marketers, who understands that the marketing priority is to foment revenue opportunity but also thinks deeply about leadership, culture and the clever use of technology to enable all this. For me, Ed is a rare blend of consideration and action; lots of analysis and reflection allied to just getting stuff done and delivering results.”
Steve Penfold (Helping global organizations to produce digital learning that delivers a transformational impact)
“Ed is a fantastic coach and advisor for CEOs of fast growing businesses. I have been working closely with Ed for a while now and am continually impressed how he has a different way of looking at things. Much of this is due to how much he continually reads and learns every week to improve his skills, more than anyone I know. If you subscribe to his weekly emails you will know what I mean!

Combined with his commercial experience it makes him a very credible and premium advisor. Ed also has an excellent personal network which is very valuable to anyone working with him.”
“It's been an absolute pleasure working with and getting to know Edwin, both as a member of the London Revenue Collective Steering Committee and as an Adviser to Scalewise. He is generous with his time, thoughtful with his advice and an all round great human!

Although I've never been managed by Ed, I know him well enough to be convinced that he's an exceptional leader who creates high-performing, engaged teams through open communication, trust and proper coaching conversations. Thanks for all your support, Ed.”
Tom Glason (Revenue Leader, Chairman of the London Revenue Collective, CEO of Scalewise, Sales Coach at SIA)
“Edwin was recommended to me as a guru in the b2b marketing space, to talk to in terms of tapping his brain for information (!) — especially in terms of understanding how to build a marketing function from scratch, the constituent parts, understanding lead gen's place in marketing, content, brand, the CMO position itself — and much much more!

We've had some great conversations and he's really mentored and helped my thinking at our VC backed firm, which is investing in its marketing dept. Extremely knowledgeable, ambitious thought leader! ”
Matthew Adam (Chief Executive Officer at We Are Digital.Co.Uk)
How Can I Help
My specific expertise is building a marketing/sales strategy for scaling revenue generation. I'll provide valuable ideas around process, strategy and tactics — with a fresh perspective.
Mentor & Coach
Coaching, counsel and a proven methodology from someone who has built successful marketing machines from the ground up.
Due Diligence
A forensic audit of marketing and sales capabilities. A bespoke framework and capability model ‘DEMAND KARMA’ that delivers DD services to investors and VC/PE firms.
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